Five Weird Astronomy Theories That Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

The ancient race of humans used to believe that the earth was flat. So, when various Greek philosophers, Muslim astronomers and other legendary scientists claimed it to be spherical, people were quite shocked. Imagine spending your whole life thinking that the end of the waterfall marks the end of the earth and one can topple right over the edge and into the hands of the monsters if they were not careful. Then, all their beliefs were declared to be baseless. People were surprised, shocked and stunned. However, you will still not be as creeped out by the theory as you are going to be after reading about the following crazy astronomical theories that might or might not be true:

The Theory of Velikovsky

According to Velikovsky – who was not a scientist but still had many theories – all the disastrous happenings mentioned in the bible actually did take place. To drive his point home, he claimed that it was Venus and Mars that were responsible for it. According to his theory, anytime a planet passes too closely to another planet, it brings chaos. He also stated that Venus could actually move backwards to cause destruction and disasters. Though his theory was rejected by scientists, it is still scary to think that any time Venus and Mars get a little too close for comfort, we’re done for.

The Theory about What Lies Beyond the Hubble Volume:

After some findings and researches, many astronomers claim that there are many other universes just like ours and that the solar system is infinite. But this is not the weird part; the weird part about this theory is the belief that each universe contains an earth just like the one we live in and moreover, each earth houses someone who is just like us, talks like us, walks like us and even looks like us. However, for all we know, the “other “us could be a global rock star in one of the other earths, a beggar in the other one or maybe a hard-core criminal in the third one.

The Sun Theory:

While there are many theories that involve the sun, this one is the most frightening of all. You know how we say “the sun is hot” on a scorching summer day? Well, that is nothing compared to how hot the sun will get according to this theory. Scientists believe that the Sun is just young now and stars are known to get hotter as they get older. So, according to this theory, in the next couple of billion years, the sun will be so hot that it might actually boil our homes to nothingness. Perhaps it’s a good thing we won’t be alive to see that day.

Mass Extinction:

The earth might look huge to us from where we stand but some scientists believe that it too has a maximum capacity and range and there will come a time when people will end up overflowing it. The fact wasn’t supported by the fact that by 1800, the human population reached 1 billion in number for the first time. As of 2016, the earth managed to contain 7.2 billion people inside it, practically nullifying this theory.

Now these theories may or may not be true but it sure is terrifying to imagine that a time will come when this earth might boil and get destroyed due to overpopulation or maybe a little hug from Venus might cause chaos on the earth.

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