NASA’s Orion Ares V Spacecraft

We’re going to the moon again and it’s about time. But even better than that, this time, the new spacecraft, called Ares V, will be the rocket that will help us build a permanent space station on the moon and then take us to Mars.

Our Next Spacecraft

The Orion Ares V Spacecraft has been designed with the latest technology. which includes includes research into the essential provisions (food, water, health and medical needs, spacesuits as well as all else that is needed) to send a human into deep space.

The Ares V rocket has many similarities as the Saturn V (and almost as tall), which includes storing capacity for large scale hardware and materials for deep space missions.

Ares V Spacecraft

NASA Ares V SpacecraftThe rocket is 358’ tall with two powerful boosters on each side. The leading led department is the Exploration Launch Projects Office. They are using the combined experience of all previous space missions and applying them to this project, together with all the advanced technology that we currently have available.  This includes advanced vehicle hardware and flight systems.

See the NASA Ares V Fact Sheet Here.

We are entering a new and exciting phase of NASA’s venture into space, not seen since the Apollo moon missions.

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